About Us

Welcome to MakingtimeToday.com! We assist you in finding the perfect office space and products. Then, you can enhance your workspace and address issues that arise from usage

Our Story

Our story began five years ago when my colleague and I moved offices. And when we moved to a new workspace, we had a hard time finding office furniture such as computer desks and file cabinets.

If you have been in my case, you will undoubtedly understand that buying products for the whole process of working in the office is not difficult.

But getting that cabinet, chair, or table to fit into the workspace, providing the most comfortable user experience, is a real challenge.

Even as someone without much experience, I had trouble with the computer desk chairs I had chosen. The chair did not support the working posture. Not only that but also not as sturdy as I had imagined.

And to put an end to the wrong choices, like you, I have constantly been seeking advice from social networks and furniture websites.

During my search, I realized that most of the websites today provide pretty detailed information and reviews. Besides, not many addresses can bring thoughts of new, unique brands currently on the market.

In addition, I also discovered that many websites today give relatively superficial reviews, are not too helpful, and are even useless for office workers.

Realizing the above problem, I have cooperated with my associates, who have many years of experience in office furniture, to create this website.

Here, you will not only find products to invest in, but you can also get quite a few tips and tricks to solve problems that can arise with office furniture.

Our Challenge

Right from the early days of its establishment, this website has carried the mission of becoming a leading website in the field, bringing a lot of value to visitors. Specifically, our mission is:

How We Choose Products

The biggest goal of the website is to introduce and evaluate high-quality office furniture products.

Of course, we cannot evaluate every product currently on the market. Therefore, we will review and select the most outstanding and valuable products.

To choose such products, the team of Makingtimetoday.com had to go through a stringent and effective working process.

First, we'll spend weeks or even months researching the type of product we want to review. Next, we will interview customers who have used the product before, combined with a review of online reviews. Finally, we will consult more experienced writers in the field.

Makingtimetoday.com always try to bring the most objective articles. Therefore, whether you are looking for an ergonomic office chair or a portable file cabinet, you can count on the recommendations on the website.